The Lost Children of Aging Divorcing Parents

As children are born to adults in their late 30s and early 40s, there is often great cause for celebration for the new life being brought into the world. Since each little one is precious beyond measure, the joy can last for several years. The problem is that statistics show that when children are born to older adults that have established lives without the dependent little ones, the difference in what is expected of them, their limited self-time, and lack of sleep can play havoc on their relationship and cause them to consider divorce. When they do decide to divorce, it can cause mayhem on the lives of their children in numerous ways.


Even if the event is an uncontested divorce Tampa, the resulting situation can have an emotional impact on young children that can last a lifetime. Struggling to move back and forth between homes, the child may wonder if they were the cause of the breakup and if one or both of their parents will stop loving them if they don’t see them every week.


Older children may begin acting out as the stressors they experience at the life disruption settles into their world like a giant foot falling from the skies. Not only do teens experience anger at the world that is suddenly forced upon them, but they can also resent one or both of their parents enough to act out viciously or violently against the adult they blame the most for the upheaval. Some of the angry teens may even run away to show their parents just how upset they are, and that only adds to the disruption of the teen’s life.

Divorce is a difficult time for most people, but it can be extremely difficult for children born to established working parents. Trying to fit a lonely child into a world you are trying to rebuild can be difficult, but the child should always come first.

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