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To assure public security, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) will need to recognize, intercept and analyse the content of the malicious communication. It is both, versatile and scalable and performs the tasks of monitoring in an auditable, secure, dependable and verifiable manner, according to ETSI LI standards. The following list highlights the capabilities of a lawful interception option that are most relevant to regulatory mandates and legislative needs. Lawful interception is rapidly gaining value and is expected to grow in the years to come.

Regardless of the certain geographic location, the prevailing regulatory environment in your region is most likely to include things like provisions so that lawful interception operations can be performed when requested by an authority. The current prominent communication technologies in the market incorporate voice communications, file transfer and data downloads. LIMS excels through fast implementation due to its seamless integration into current networks of all major vendors such as Cisco, Nokia and Huawei. Lawful interception legally offers access to networks utilised for the objective of communication.

The HI1-interface represents the interface involving the requester of the lawful interception and the Lawful administration function. Clearly, state-of-the-art technology is necessary to handle lawful monitoring activities that involve this level of information throughput. Sophisticated communication channels and advanced network technologies are the main driving variables for the LI market. To assure systematic procedures for carrying out interception, although also lowering the fees of interception solutions, industry groups and government agencies worldwide have attempted to standardize the technical processes behind lawful interception.

Our Lawful intercept options support interception of VoIP traffic which significantly assistance the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) to monitor the voice communication from many VoIP applications. The adoption of lawful interception by the government agencies is the highest mainly due to their efforts to curb criminal activities. The Telecommunications Act 1997 and subsequent amendments defines ISP obligations under Australian law with respect to telecommunications interception.

Becoming in this planet for some time now, a decision has been created to release the first option ETSI compliant Lawful Interception answer in the industry. 1 point of presence for LI management to assure state-of-the art security and reliability, even more than mixed networking environments covering a diversity of equipment vendors and solutions.

The program offers advanced capabilities as Voice Biometrics (language recognition, speaker and gender identification, keyword spotting), Hyperlink and Text Analysis for the Lawful Interception. The AQSACOM Lawful Interception Technique, ALIS, is a centralized mediation platform managing Lawful Interception for voice and information networks, covering PSTN, GSM, GPRS, 3G, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, VoIP, xDSL, Satellite, E-Mail, and so on.

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