Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer

Tens of thousands of people were involved in motor vehicle accidents in Iowa last year. Of these, hundreds were killed, thousands were injured, and others were required to help temporarily or permanently disabled loved ones. Some families faced loved ones’ deaths as a result of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents in Iowa.

If you were hurt or if someone you love was killed as a result of another driver’s negligence, you need an Iowa personal injury lawyer. You need information concerning your rights after a serious personal injury.

Iowa Car Accidents

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation (IowaDOT), the most common Iowa car accidents include:

• Head-on Collision. A head-on collision happens if two or more vehicles collide in the front-end. A head-on collision may happen if a driver is headed in the wrong direction, such as entering a one-way road in the wrong direction, or when the driver crosses a highway center and collides with the oncoming traffic. A head-on collision often results in serious injuries or death of the driver(s) involved.

• T-Bone Accident. A T-bone accident happens if the front-end of one vehicle impacts the side of another vehicle. T-bones often occur when one of the drivers doesn’t stop at an intersection or at a traffic stop.

• Bicycle Accident. Drivers and bicycle riders must share most local roads. If a vehicle driver is distracted, drunk, or drowsy, the bicyclist may be seriously injured or killed.

• Rear-End Accident. If a vehicle hits the car, truck, or bus in front of it, a rear-end accident is the result. Common causes of a rear-end accident include drunk, distracted, drowsy or negligent driving. The severity of injuries depends on how fast the vehicles were traveling when the collision occurred.

• Rollover Accident. A speeding, drowsy, or distracted driver can result in a rollover crash. In this type of accident, the driver’s vehicle rolls to its roof or side. Tire problems or mechanical failures can contribute as well. Brain and spinal cord injuries or death may result.

• Pedestrian Accident. A pedestrian accident isn’t always the vehicle driver’s fault. Unfortunately, a pedestrian is usually more seriously injured when this type of accident occurs. A negligent driver is likely to face significant liability for the injuries suffered by the pedestrian in Iowa.

Iowa Car Accident Causes

Distracted, drunk, fatigued, and aggressive drivers cause car accidents in Iowa:

• It’s against the law for drivers to text and drive behind the wheel in Iowa. New drivers are prohibited from using a cell phone while they’re driving. However, distraction behind the wheel may result from the driver’s eating, daydreaming, or talking.

• Drunk driving is against the law in Iowa. A driver is considered intoxicated if he or she has blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least 0.08 percent.

• Drowsy or fatigued drivers often cause accidents. Speeding drivers also cause accidents. Drivers exceeding the speed limit (ranging from 55 mph to 70 mph) increase the potential of serious injuries to themselves and others.

• Complex roads can increase the driver’s confusion. Conditions, such as weather or road work, can also make navigating the road more confusing. Either scenario could result in a serious vehicle crash.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a serious car accident in Iowa, it’s important to know your rights. Contact an experienced Iowa car accident attorney to learn more.

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