Essential Options with the Notary for the Civil Marriage

Wedding preparations also include the procedure that awaits you when it comes to signing up for marriage. Since future bridges have to decide whether to marry only in the home office or to marry in a religious form, it is also necessary to keep in mind the documents and taxes needed to meet all the required conditions for joining the marriage union. Both types of marriage, civil marriage and religious, are equal before the law.

First, specify the wedding date

First you need to specify the wedding date. Of course, you are expected to decide if you want to make a civil marriage or just have a church wedding. There are some advantages of choosing notary wedding officiant for civil marriage.

Registration in the relevant home office is also mandatory for newlyweds who decide only for the church wedding. If you report the intent to make a civil marriage, count the date for the wedding day to be determined within a period of thirty to forty-six days from the date you announced your intention to marry.

The registrar gives birth certificates to the Witnesses on the fulfillment of the presumptions for marriage in religious form (in 2 copies). These certificates are valid for three months from the date of issue. On the back is a certificate filled in by a competent religious community official, which serves as the basis for enrollment in marriage in the maternal weddings court.

What do I need to get married?

The following documents are required for your application: a birth certificate issued by a parent who is not older than 3 months, a homeland or other proof of nationality, foreign citizens must also submit a certificate of free marital status and a payment for the paid administrative fee. When signing up for intent to marry before a registrar, you need to specify the personal details of the witness. You need two witnesses, this can be any adult and business-capable person, and you need to give the registrar details: name, surname and residence.

How to obtain a free marital status certificate?

The certificate of free marital status is issued to Croatian nationals according to the data of the mother of the born. The issuing and delivery of the certificate of free marital status can be obtained by person or by personal means through the proxy or in writing to the competent home office according to the place where they are enrolled in a parent born. If the party is abroad, the request for delivery may be sent to the nearest diplomatic mission or consular office abroad.

Where is the act of marrying?

Marriage takes place in a solemn way in the office space of the home office, or in specially designed wedding halls, and exceptionally in another suitable place outside the official room. A woman and a bride may require marriage outside the official premises (in nature, in attractive and well-known catering facilities, a monument of culture or other place that has a special meaning or importance for a bride and groom). The suitability of a marriage placement is assessed by a registrar. A special fee is payable to make a marriage outside the official room.

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