2 Consequences of Not Having a Proper DUI Defense

When it comes to dealing with a DUI charge, the amount of effort that is put into overcoming the situation can often mean the difference between getting a better outcome or ending up with a criminal conviction. Many people overlook the importance of working with a DUI attorney Fairfax VA because they are concerned with how much money they believe it is going to cost them. There are many things about a DUI case that can result in huge expenses before, during and long after the trial date has come and gone.

Embarrassment and Shame Can Increase Likelihood of Repeat Offenses

The pain and embarrassment of having a drunk driving charge or even conviction are often lifelong. It is not easy to overcome the shame and stigma that are associated with this type of situation, especially if there has been minimal involvement with the law before. Many people facing DUI charges end up dealing with depression, low self-esteem and other issues that can lead to them becoming repeat offenders.

Inadequate Legal Support Can Lead to Increased Penalties 

The odds are not usually in favor of the defendant when there is evidence of drinking and driving. No matter how strong or circumstantial it may seem, it is possible for a defendant to inadvertently make matters worse for themselves. A good DUI defense can help alleged offenders better understand their circumstances and defense options. A proper defense can also help reduce the likelihood of being railroaded into a more serious criminal charge and increased penalties.

It is better to risk it all on a defense than it is to go it alone without one when facing criminal charges, especially when there is a DUI involved. Because there are many factors that can result in a charge and conviction, it is best to get legal counsel to learn the specific short and long-term ramifications that are pertinent to your situation.

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